Bow & Arrow Safety

Safety is a Priority at Elysium LARP and one area that has proven to be dangerous even with best intent is the use of a Bow & Arrow.

Below find diagrams and descriptions of how to properly use a Bow & Arrow during our game. After the diagrams are both an Opt - In and Opt - Out form. If you wish to use a Bow & Arrow in game you MUST sign the Opt-In form and agree to its terms. If you wish to not be directly exposed to this type of combat, you must sign the Opt - Out form and agree to its terms. Once completed, your name will show up below the forms in the proper column.

If you have too many infractions with the use of a Bow & Arrow claimed against you, at the bottom of the page is a Restricted List that your name will be placed on until the restriction is lifted.

If you have any questions about any part of this process please contact us at with details.

Stay safe and have fun everyone!

The main goal of the three acceptable positions detailed below is to create an arc with the arrow. This prevents your target from being hit "dead on" at high speeds/ forces. The effect we want is that of a underhand lobbed ball, not a straight line fast ball.

Low Distance, Low Angle, Low Pull

Medium Distance, Medium Angle, Medium Pull

Large Distance, Large Angle, Large Pull

Pulling the Bow to its limit is never okay and can cause injury no matter the angle or distance.

Bow & Arrow Opt-In List

  • Jonathan Swenson

Bow & Arrow Opt-Out List

Bow & Arrow Restricted List