About Us

Elysium is a Massachusetts based game that was created by Jonathan Swenson with the mission of creating free to play, member generated, and fun world. Since August 2011 we have encouraged all of our members to submit ideas for rules, monsters, mechanics, and most importantly our story. In fact some of our most entertaining and fresh ideas have come from player created and run events that have thrown even the most solid story arcs for a loop. (For the better of course!).

Another goal of Elysium LARP is to raise money for an organization called Andrew’s Helpful Hands. Andrew’s Helpful Hands is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit that pays the mortgage payments for families who have a child going through the bone marrow transplant process. Unlike most Non Profit organizations, Andrew’s Helpful Hands does not have a payroll for any of its members making it a 100% volunteer organization and because of this you can be certain that the money you donate goes where you want it to. In order to raise this money we have a Donation Rewards Program. These rewards are in the form of in game rewards that can range from in game money to special abilities for your character or even a reserved event for you and a few friends. All donations that are received in this manner will be split 50-50 between a general account for Elysium LARP and Andrew’s Helpful Hands. Funds that are put in the Elysium LARP account are only used for purchasing items and paying campground fees if we have an overnight event. If you want your donations to go entirely towards Andrew’s Helpful Hands or entirely to the LARP please specify when you donate.

We hope our mission and philanthropy have caught your attention and that we will hear from you soon!