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The Last Minute Scramble, The Angriest Tudbury, and The Crazy Cliffhanger

posted Oct 29, 2013, 6:51 AM by Jonathan Swenson
Our last event was really one for the books, for better or for worse. Lets recap here.

The Last Minute Scramble

Our normal site in Berlin was the planned location for this past weekends two day event. Hunting Season also started the week previous. Worried about this we check with the town of Berlin to see if the fields had been stocked with quail or pheasant yet. We were told that it would be stocked November 1st. When the day of the event approached we called one more time to ensure our safety. This time we were given the answer that it had been stocked either that morning or the day before. With only a few hours before the event was scheduled to begin we scrambled to find a new location, its address, and send emails to everyone who registered. We could only get a hold of one group and started to become worried. When the first group left their home they called to informed us of an easier to find entrance that was at the end of a dead end road that was closer to the area we wanted to camp in.

The Angriest Tudbury

So we move to the other parking location at the end of a road. While we are starting to unpack the cars one of the neighbors ask what we were up to. We explained to him that we were having a Halloween themed live action role playing event in the woods and explained to him what that meant. The man grumbled and said "ok" then went inside his home. We continued unpacking while waiting for the first group to arrive. A car pulls up and we assumed it was the group so we started waving at them. No one got out of the car and the high beams were too bright to see anything. That's when a police officer steps out of the vehicle and asks us what we are up to and that their was a noise complaint. We explained to him what was going on and he wanted to look in the back of the truck. We let him and told him he could look through anything he wanted because we didn't have anything illegal. The officer was satisfied and asked us to jsut make sure we were deep enough in the woods that the neighborhoods couldn't hear us. He leaves, and at the same time the first group shows up. We bring everything up into the woods and start setting up camp. We had to come back for a second trip and when we arrive at the cars there is another officer about to get back into his car. We asked if there was something wrong and the officer just said it was a noise complaint, he asked what we were doing, and then left after saying he wouldn't have ever heard us unless we asked what was wrong, and left. So we finally get everything up the hill and out of the cars and set up camp. We are talking about how we are going to run the event because we hadn't heard back from anyone else about whether or not they would still be able to make it. Right when hope was starting to be lost, the second group called saying they were here. We go down to meet them and that is when the third group of officers arrived. Apparently their was no communication between these officers and the previous ones as they had no idea of what we were doing, just the fact that this was the third noise complaint. The officers issued the same questions, much more sternly this time, and we explained what what going on. These officers weren't seeming to be having what we were telling them unlike the others. They were definitely against us. That is when the grumbling man from earlier stormed out of his house and started telling us what for. During his rant he revealed that he called all three times because he doesn't want us parking at the end of his road. That was it. He also stated there was never a noise complaint, he's fine with what we are doing, people camp there all the time and he is fine with it, and then started speaking as if we were roaches who were coming in to ruin his neighborhood by leaving our cars at the entrance to the conservation land.  This is when the officers shifted to out side. They were kinda funny about it too. The never told him they switched sides and while one officer was talking to him like he was entirely in the right, his partner surveyed the area, and returned only to state that the grumbling man was not in the right as it is clearly public parking for a public conservation land and there is no "no parking" sign anywhere. This is when the man asked when the towns noise ordinance takes effect. The officers respond with 11:00PM and as k if we were aware of that (we were). This is when the officers should have cuffed this irate man as he began yelling and TOLD the officers that he will make a noise complaint at exactly 11:00PM if the cars are not gone even if there is no noise. Instead they sent the man inside his home and informed us that he cannot force us to leave as it is our right and they apologized for the trouble. In the end we moved the cars just so we didn't have to deal with this most angry of Tudbury's (The name of a very troublesome gnome in our game and gnomes are the name we give the public who are walking around our game).

The Crazy Cliffhanger

So now that we were all up on top of the hill in the woods with our fire and talking, we needed to figure out how to continue with the game with the threat of the Angriest Gnome calling the police. The game for the weekend was designed around the night time play so the whole plot was disturbed. In the end we decided to just roleplay around the fire and introduce a new Event Character to stir up the conversation. Ironically the guy playing the EC and improving every word from his mouth without any prompting from us, foreshadowed to the exact events we had planned out. The night was fun and we went to sleep. The next morning we decided to run with the event that was planned for the night. Because of time constraints we were able to only run half the event that was planned. Everything ran fairly smoothly, more people showed up that morning, and we were able to hit a critical point that was perfect for stopping and moving on to the "second game" we had planned. However, we ended at the introduction of the servants of the main villain killing off the PC's and readying them for a ritual. Needless to say our feedback forms were filled with good turmoil as everyone is foaming at the mouth to get the next event in so they can find out what will become of their characters.


Despite the many setbacks, many still not listed here, we seemed to have pulled off one of our best events and elongated the expected "A Familiar Foe [Divine Scribe Part II]" and transformed it into "A Familiar Foe Part I [The Divine Scribe Part II]" and shifted this story arch in a slightly different direction that was planned and now we can delve in with even more detail. Thank you to everyone who came and we cannot wait to keep you on the edge of your seats!

Jonathan Swenson