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Ch-Ch Changes!

posted Dec 16, 2013, 10:52 AM by Jonathan Swenson
As you all know we have completely a very successful year (our very first full year of games too!), made a bunch of new friends, and are gearing up to enter what I hope to be is another successful, if not more successful, year than before! But to do that there are some changes that are being made.

First, the long anticipated (hopefully error free or close to it) Revision II Handbook! These past few months I have been critically looking over where grammar, spelling, and functionality errors exist in the current revision and marking them up. The community has also been helping with this and I thank you. So be prepared as the new handbook is to be released on January 1st 2014. Also, hopefully to everyone's liking, the handbook will be available to download at anytime through our Resources page on this website!

Secondly the new calendar is up on the website so please look through the dates and contact me if you know a date does not work out for you. We are flexible if it will benefit the majority of the members.

Next, there will be a revamping of the forms that are available online. Some will be minor tweaks and others will be major changes. One major change will be that the Member Application will be turned into an online form rather than a paper form. The rulebook request form will be eliminated by this change.

Now for the most unfortunate change. Our previous Head Storyteller or Plot Director has taken a new path in life and will no longer be part of Elysium by her own choice. While we wish her well in this new direction, this is a very drastic change for us. Depending on how we as a community handle it, this change can be tragic or triumphant. This is because now there is only one Storyteller for Elysium and that is myself. Now i have plenty of ideas that will be realized in the coming events however, for the betterment of Elysium, I feel that it is best not to have all ideas coming entirely from one brain. This leads to events getting stale, predictable, monotonous, and if this one person is for some reason lacking in time (full-time student and full-time worker), events will suffer.

And that is when i reminded myself of my original mission for this game. This IS NOT supposed to be MY GAME or MY WORLD. I created this game to be a COMMUNITY GENERATED, COOPERATIVE, and CREATIVE experience. This means I need the community to really get behind this. Pick a month or two that you would like to make the story, make the conflicts, make the triumphs, make the puzzles, make anything! Pick a month or two where you run the games for the others! I will be there every step of the way to make sure that you have the best written game with your original ideas that still lies within the idea of Elysium that I have already set in stone. Ask me anything you want and look at the notes on our facebook page for a quick guide on how I currently am creating some of the logistics of the games.

Thank you all for being a part of this wonderful experience.

If you have any questions please contact me I would love to answer them and get started on this upcoming year of greatness.


Jonathan Swenson