Message From The Founder

Hello and welcome to the Elysium LARP Official Website. Here is where you can find information about upcoming events, pictures from past events, and what is new in the world of Elysium. I just want to list out a few facts about this LARP that make us stand out from the rest.
  • We are Free-to-Play and plan to stay that  way for a long time
  • We are not a business and none of      our staff gets paid.
  • We collect donations to help better    both ourselves and a local non-profit called Andrew's Helpful Hands
  • We are a new and growing group that encourages our players to help shape the  world they play in.

I hope to hear from you soon about wanting to join our game!

Jonathan G. Swenson

2013 Member of the Year

Rebecca Dudley

Although usually taking pictures or playing a supporting Event Character, behind the scenes she played a much bigger part. Becca was the main creator of the stories you all enjoyed from the past year, and without her we would not have had nearly as successful of a year as we did.